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Date: Fri 21st April 2023

Depression in Seniors       Depression in Seniors and how to Exercise helps 

The difficult changes that many older people face such as the loss of friends or a spouse or medical problems can lead to depression. However, depression is not a normal or necessary part of ageing and most seniors are happy with their lives despite the challenges of growing old.

If left untreated, depression not only prevents older adults from enjoying the life to the full potential, it also takes a heavy toll on health and results in weakness due to lack of movement. This emphasises the importance of spotting the signs of depression early so that effective ways to manage the condition can be implemented to help a person to remain happy and vibrant throughout the golden years.

Teamed with counselling or other therapies, exercise can be a fantastic tool in your treatment box. Both resistance and aerobic exercises are associated with increasing endorphins & serotonin (happy chemicals) being released to the brain and these are famous for reducing the symptoms of depression. Working on tailored deep breathing exercises can also help you relax and reduce anxiety.

Fun Workouts, Serious Exercise.

During an Alive and active workout, you’ll be swept along with the laughter, frivolity and pace of the session.  So much so that you won’t realise that you are actually performing highly specialised and tailored exercises made just for you. It’s achievable and yet challenges the participant, so if exercise is part of your rehabilitation plan then having Alive and Active part of your daily routine is the positive step.