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Five Tips For Exercising With Osteoarthritis


Date: Sun 23rd April 2023

  • Regular exercise can be one of your best lines of defence to help reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis (OA). Staying active will help strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints, which can reduce further joint deterioration.

  • Staying active and keeping your muscles strong helps keep the weight off. Maintaining a healthy weight will put less strain on your joints and reduce pain. Recent studies have shown that even being 10 pounds overweight can increase the stress across your knee joints with every step you take.

  • A seated exercise programme can be beneficial for a person suffering with OA. You can have a good workout which can challenge the body but is less strenuous and kinder to your joints. Strenuous and heavy impact training can cause more pain and increase joint degeneration.

  • Focus on exercises that work on improving range of movement, but never force a painful joint. Inactivity restricts the movement of joints as they become stiff (think how you feel after a long car journey!).  Stiff joints will eventually impact on your posture.

  • Try to exercise every day but work within your pain levels. Start with 10 mins a day and build up to 20 / 30 mins when you are able.

How can Active & Active help?

  • Alive & Active seated classes are performed in a chair taking the intensity out of the joint but not out of the workout!

  • We believe a good posture and joint range of movement are key players in achieving a healthy body, which is why all Alive & Active classes target these vital areas.

  • At Alive & Active we believe working out every day is key to a healthy life, so this is why we give you a wide choice of classes with varying durations.