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Alive & Active

Medical Conditions

Being active has boundless positive benefits in both physical and mental wellbeing.

Seniors working on their strength and fitness every day using our dedicated workouts will soon notice improvements.

Feelings of helplessness and loss of control can be regained through improved strength and endurance. The New Alive & Active subscription service helps you meet all of your daily exercise needs!

The benefits of exercise for seniors that Alive & Active classes bring!

  • Increase muscle strength, to aid in everyday functional tasks.
  • Improves posture.
  • Begin to feel more relaxed and reduces anxiety and depression.
  • Improves concentration levels and overall memory.
  • Improves motivation and drive.
  • Helps to control a healthier body weight.
  • Improves sleep pattern, which is a big problem in seniors in care homes.
  • Makes you feel Alive & Active!

Some medical conditions that benefit from regular exercise

Lung conditions

People with lung conditions often fear that being active is going to worsen their condition but this is not the case! The British Heart Foundation, suggests that "When it comes to improving your breathing, many people find that being active is more effective than inhaled drugs."

Alive & Active classes, improve muscles strength, including the heart. You’ll use oxygen more productively, which can help you manage your condition better.

Heart Conditions

People with heart conditions can benefit with regular exercise. The research says, to reduce risk of heart & circulatory diseases, you need to be active every day.

Alive & Active workouts are designed with the British Heart Foundation recommendation of 20 – 30 minutes a day in mind. Working all areas of fitness and pushing people in the right zone to reach their goals.


The natural reaction of people who are in pain due to arthritis is to avoid any kind of movement. The problem with this is the stiffness only becomes greater and muscles become weaker and smaller, causing further problems in the long run. Through years of research from many angles, the benefits of regular exercise is widely recognised in keeping arthritic joints supple.

The Alive & Active subscription service gives people with arthritis a perfect tool help to train on a regular basis, keeping them strong & active as possible.



Regular exercise is always an essential part of any osteoporosis treatment plan. Alive & Active uses resistance training to help increase muscle strength and decrease bone loss to help reduce the chances of bone fractures.

We also work on promoting good posture and exercises improving balance to reduce the risk of falls.

Alive & Active's Goal

At Alive & Active our goal is simple. To ensure that by keeping our elderly population active with regular quality exercises, they we be able to stay independent, confident and happy for as long as possible.