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Alive & Active

About Us

Simon, your Personal Trainer

I am a qualified personal Trainer with a sports science degree. I began working in gyms, going onto working with elderly for the NHS.

This is where I found the love for working with this age group and began teaching my Alive & Active classes in residential and sheltered homes. After lots of requests from clients, I went on to created two Alive & Active seated Exercise DVD's, so I could reach more people around the country.

With budgets so tight and Government imposed visitor restrictions, we know that elderly people and care homes are finding life extremely tough.

Although this has been great, I still haven’t achieved my goal of providing regular exercises to as many seniors as I could. Care homes could only afford classes weekly or fortnightly and my DVD's although enjoyable, after a while the same workout could feel a bit repetitive.

Today, my goal hasn’t changed but the way I’m about to deliver it has!

The Alive & Active’s brand-new subscription service will give home users and care homes a fantastic tool that will make a real difference. Now, finally my dream all those years ago, has become a reality!

Simon Roll

Alive & Active Bio

Alive & Active are very passion about our senior generation and have created an online subscription service for care homes and home users. We want to show older people that they are seen, are important and can still enjoy the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle. We carefully create workouts specifically designed for care home residents and people at home, with new routines added each month and a wealth of variety for all abilities.

We believe regular exercise classes will help boost care home residents' physical and mental health while offering them an adaptable routine. Many older people have grown up in a world fairly ignorant of the importance of fitness. We want to prove it is never too late to reap the rewards of exercise. Our programmes nourish the body and mind while strengthening community morale within care homes with consistently fresh and motivating exercises.