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Alive & Active

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Alive and Active are about to take senior exercise by storm!

Join in the fun with our upbeat, no-holds-barred exercise subscription service tailor made for you or your care home.

You can now train every day with Simon. Just take your pick from his catalogue of new, exciting seated workouts! You can view them from the comfort of your own chair, watching them on your smart TV.

View Our Workouts On Your Smart TV

You can now use YouTube app on your smart TV to watch Simon's amazing seated workouts. Just follow the instructions on your welcome email when you subscribe. It really is super easy using YouTube on your smart TV.

What you waiting for? Subscribe NOW and start getting fit with Simon!

How it Works

You’ll begin with a selection of unique seated workouts designed by Simon using his wealth of knowledge and over 15 years’ experience. There’s something for everyone and all areas of senior fitness are covered. Includes surprise workouts you never knew were possible from your armchair!

Fresh classes are added regularly, making this the ultimate tool for everyday. Simon has your seated fitness routine covered.

So, from now on, come rain, shine or pandemics, Simon will always be ready to take your class from the safety of your home.


The benefits of exercise for seniors that Alive & Active classes bring!

  • Increase muscle strength, to aid in everyday functional tasks.
  • Improves posture.
  • Begin to feel more relaxed and reduces anxiety and depression.
  • Improves concentration levels and overall memory.
  • Improves motivation and drive.
  • Helps to control a healthier body weight.
  • Improves sleep pattern, which is a big problem in seniors in care homes.
  • Makes you feel Alive & Active!
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