Alive and Active is dedicated to improving the motivation and functional activity of the elderly through exercise

Terms and conditions for Alive & Active

General terms

At Alive & Active we know you are keen to get started but it's important to cover our terms and conditions policy not only when you sign our contract but online for your convenience.

  • Residents will receive a personal training session and NOT physiotherapy.
  • All participants attend at their own will and are advised to exercise at their own pace. It is recommended that if they feel dizzy or unwell to stop and notify the instructor immediately.
  • Your instructor will be CRB checked and first aid trained to a basic level.
  • Restricted movements due to arthritis, joint replacements, osteoporosis and reduced muscle tone have all been considered when designing the exercise programme. All classes are aimed for the elderly and those with the above complaints. However, as with any new exercise regime, clients are advised to seek approval from their General Practitioner prior to undertaking classes for the first time and the trainer should be informed of any existing conditions which may present themselves during a class e.g. Epilepsy asthma, or heart conditions etc.
  • It is the responsibility of the client and home to ensure that diabetic residents wishing to participate are sufficiently prepared for light to moderate exercise.
  • Instructors are under no circumstance to escort clients to or from their room or place of dwelling.
  • Class participation is entirely at the clients own risk. Classes are designed to be low impact and cause minimum risk of injury. Alive and Active cannot be held responsible for any injury or exacerbation of existing illness during or after classes.


Classes will be invoiced at the end of the month and cheques can be made payable to Alive & Active. We are flexible within reason but do ask for payments to be made as promptly as possible.

Cancelling your class

Your class will always be at a set time and day so classes can be planned in advance, e.g. every other Tuesday at 2pm. If you choose to book another service at this time then Alive & Active will require notice of at least 1 week. If less than a week's notice is given then you will still be charged at 50% of the class fee.

In unexpected situations such as sickness of residents, we will waver the class fee providing a minimum of 24 hours notice is given. We will grant this up to a maximum of three times per financial year (1st April – 31st March) thereafter full class fee will apply.

Notice of advance cancellations can be sent by post or e.mail to:

If less than 24 hours notice is given or if your trainer arrives but is unable to gain access to your building, the class will be charged in full.

On occasion, Alive & Active may have to cancel classes due to unforeseen circumstance or illness. We will try our best to provide as much notice as we're able to and the class fee will be deducted from the monthly invoice. Where possible we will try to offer an alternative time at your convenience, particularly for those who have fortnightly classes.

If you wish to cancel Alive & Active completely then we would require this in writing and if possible, we would prefer a minimum of 4 weeks' notice. We would also be grateful if you could provide us with a reason why you have cancelled as we like to keep our customers satisfied and improve on our service where possible.

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