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Medical conditions and exercise can go hand in hand

Exercise for the elderly is a vital to keep joints looseBoth arthritis and osteoporosis sufferers can benefit from the range of techniques we use in our seated fitness DVD.

Sitting still for a long period of time can cause the fittest of us to become uncomfortable and stiff. If you have arthritis as well and are in discomfort, our natural reaction is to avoid any kind of movement at all. This causes even more stiffness and in the long term our muscles get weaker and smaller and become inefficient at holding us in the right position. This can lead to slouching and unstable joints. Both of which will lead to more aches and pains. This can be alleviated with exercise design for sufferers of arthritis.

Experts now recognize the benefits of elderly exercise in keeping arthritic joints supple by staying as mobile and as active as possible.

Exercise is a great way to help with osteoporosis but it is important to do the appropriate exercises and to perform them correctly. Alive & Active incorporate the recommended stretches, strength work and fitness techniques into our DVD's. We make exercise for sufferers of osteoporosis fun whilst ensuring participants exercise safely.

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