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How Simon keeps you fit during your DVD experience

Our DVD class will include a combination of:


Simon uses warm up exercises to energetic and fun music get those muscles and joints moving and ready for a workout.

Our exercise for the elderly are fun and stimulatingStrength work

Using weights and stress balls, Simon aims to strengthen all the major muscle groups using techniques advised by Arthritis Research UK.

Strength work is such an important part in elderly training. The stronger a person stays the more active & confident they become. A US study in 2009 using a group of elderly who participated in strength training for 12 weeks following a training programme similar to the DoH recommendations showed an average increase of 32% for muscle fibre and a 30% increase in strength. Imagine what you could do with almost a third extra strength!

Light weights help to build up core body strengthExercise for endurance and circulation

Marching exercises are encouraged as not only do they increase endurance for everyday living, they are crucial to improving circulation in the legs and feet. As the calf muscle contracts and relaxes it acts as a pump mechanism against the veins in the legs and assists venous return back up towards the heart where it is re-oxygenated.

Sitting in a chair for long periods of time can be detrimental to the blood flow in the lower limbs. If you have been advised to improve your circulation then these exercises are a very good starting point. When done with friends they are good fun too!


Your class includes a period of stretching. Flexibility is paramount in elderly exercise as it means having the capacity to carry out ADL's. A simple task such as using a hair brush, cleaning your teeth or putting on a jumper can be made near on impossible when joints become stiff and unusable so special attention is given to ensure that joints are made as supple as possible.

We keep the elderly fit with a range of gentle exercise techniquesCool down with deep breathing

Finally, Simon performs a gentle cool down with deep breathing exercises to discourage shallow breathing. By taking some deeper breaths, it raises the levels of blood oxygen in the body as well as promoting health in many ways. It can aid the digestive process and improve both mental and physical performance. A big believer in deep breathing exercises to help with everyday life is the health icon Dr. Andrew Weil. He said "If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly."

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Exercise DVD's

An excellent dvd with gentle but stimulating exercises. I had been looking for similar for a long time.

The best thing I have seen for ages. Every capable resident in a care home and elderly person at home should use this dvd for fun, flexibility, fitness and most importantly mental simulation