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The benefits of elderly exercise

It’s a fact that we are all going to get older. Admittedly it’s not a fact that we all want to be reminded of frequently as we tend to associate old age with illness, hospital visits and sitting in a chair for much of our later years.

Getting older doesn't have to be this way. Research has shown time and time again the benefits of elderly exercise which can help fight against many problems associated with inactivity and age. It has been strongly linked to reducing and helping:

How it helps everyday life

The benefits of exercise for the elderly are huge and make a real diffences to your quality of lifeMaintaining muscle strength through weight bearing exercises and improving core stability means we can continue with everyday tasks such as going up or down the stairs or simply getting up from a chair safely.

Increasing our endurance levels makes social events such as days out with friends or family a viable option or moving around the care home, less of a challenge.

We all take getting dressed, maintaining personal hygiene and cooking our own meals for granted but if you're battling with muscle weakness and stiff joints these tasks can be virtually impossible.

Wherever you live from residential to sheltered housing or even by yourself, the Alive & Active DVD will help to make all the functional activities in life a lot more easier!

Buy our exercise DVD's here