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At Alive & Active our goal is simple. To ensure that by keeping our elderly population active, they stay independent, confident and happy for as long as possible.

A word from Simon, your Personal Trainer

left quotation markI am a qualified personal Trainer with a sports science degree. I began teaching classes in 2006 in residential and sheltered homes after spending 3 years working with the elderly in the NHS. With help from my wife Rebecca, (the driving force behind Alive & Active) I have developed a winning formula that is enjoyed by everyone who takes part. I bring fun exercises with important messages direct to those who cannot travel far from their armchair. Now after popular demand, my class comes to DVD for everyone to enjoyright quotation mark

What makes us different?

At the end of 2011, Becky and I decided to conduct a study. Firstly we asked 50 of my regular attendees in residential & retirement homes what term they would like their generation to be referred to. To my surprise ‘Seniors’ came out as a resounding number 1, older generation & elderly came way down the list.

The next question we asked was, In terms of your exercise class, how do you like the level to be pitched? Level 1 = Treat me carefully as though I’m made of glass or 10 = Don’t slow down I’m tougher than you think!

We expected the majority to be levels 4-6, but to our amazement 98% came back between 8-10! We’ve listened to your views and come up with a lively class which seniors everywhere will enjoy.

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